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Sophie S Won

Hello, I’m Sophie Won. It’s wonderful to meet you on this cosmic journey. I’m a universal astrologer, proficient in both Western and Vedic astrology, serving as a celestial guide. I predominantly lead with Vedic astrology.
My fascination in understanding our purpose, relationships, and our connection to the universe led me to Vedic astrology and other spiritual tools. As an astrologer, I'm known for my work on Netflix's Indian Matchmaking Season 2.
It’s my belief that we were all born with a spiritual blueprint to help guide us to better understanding ourselves. It’s my mission to decode, guide, and inspire our soul’s unique journey.
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Astrology course

Vedic Astrology Foundations

Discover the essence of your birth chart as I guide you through the basic foundations of Vedic Astrology. In my course, I cultivate a lively, welcoming, and easily approachable environment to delve into the key elements constituting your birth chart, also known as your cosmic blueprint.
Together, you’ll learn:
The Zodiac Signs
The Planetary Influences
The 12 Astrological Houses


Vedic Astrology Planetary Report

Explore your birth chart's key planetary placements with my personalized report. Gain insights into your personality, strengths, challenges, and life path. Understand how each planet influences various aspects of your life for greater self-awareness and clarity.


Personalized Celestial Guidance

I believe in empathy, compassion, and intuition. In our sessions, I create a supportive space to uncover your path to growth and transformation. Join me on a journey to illuminate the stars within you.
Together, we explore:
Your Life Purpose & Life Path Guidance
Your Gifts & Challenges
Your Karmic Lessons & Past Lives
Relationship Insights
Career & Money Growth
Words from My Clients...
I had the privilege of being connected to Sophie in 2021 thru a mutual friend. She has truly been a guiding light and force in my life. I had many fears, uncertainties and self doubt around my present and potential future when I met her. Not only did she come in with a calming energy but she immediately treated me as a friend rather than just a client. She took the time to get to know me personally, see where I was feeling lack, needed inspiration even before getting into my astrological chart. She truly is a spiritual coach for me and went above and beyond the reading to ensure that I not only understood my chart and what each house meant but also what I could do to optimize the timelines and windows of opportunities. With her guidance I was able to get a picture of optimal timelines, what skills and areas astrologically that I gravitate towards and can be successful in as well as intuitive insight into my romantic future. She also notes that the stars can guide us but ultimately we are the creators of our destiny. I consider her my coach, mentor and friend. I would recommend Sophie for anyone that is looking for a reading and counseling beyond the traditional vedic astrology approach for a more holistic approach.
Shital Patel
As someone who has never had her Vedic charts read, I went into my reading with an open mind and heart to receive what Sophie had to say and offer. What made the experience so unique was the inviting and warm disposition Sophie brings to the interaction and her unique ability to break down and thoroughly convey all aspects of the charts. Even more shocking (in a good way) was walking into this reading without any "meeting" or "get to know you" session and knowing that the depths at which she can unlock and reveal parts of my life that are normally hidden is truly because of what she is translating. Ser knowledge is worth every penny and she makes the time you set aside so valuable. I could see and hear the work she put in beforehand to ensure that her reading was comprehensive and effective. I couldn't suggest anyone better for a vedic reading and hope more people get to experience her brilliance and expertise in this area.
Pamela Wiznitzer
Upon entering my session with Sophie, I carried an open mind and a desire to deepen my understanding of myself. Fast forward a month, and her astute insights have transformed my perception of the world and my approach to life. By unraveling the threads of my karmic influences, Sophie has equipped me with the tools to embrace and comprehend the recurring challenges that have perplexed me for years.This broader perspective has enabled me to better anticipate and respond to life's hurdles as they emerge. The recording she provided at the conclusion of our session has been a constant source of inspiration and guidance, serving as both a motivational pep talk and a personal reminder whenever needed. Moreover, Sophie's willingness to address any lingering questions even after the reading further underscores her commitment to her clients.Her genuine warmth and empathetic delivery created a soothing yet powerful experience. Choosing to schedule a reading with Sophie has proven to be a truly transformative decision in my life's journey. I can confidently say that you will not regret embarking on this enlightening path with her.
Benny Or
Sophie is one of the kindest and most empathetic humans I have ever come across. I was referred to Sophie and was so impressed with how much knowledge she has of Vedic astrology. Though it isn't native to her, she has a plethora of wisdom about Indian culture and takes her time to explain each and every aspect of your chart and the real-life implications. I've worked with a number of astrologers my whole (adult) life and one thing that stands out about Sophie are the solutions she provides when sharing details about your chart. She is by far the best astrologer I have ever worked with. The accuracy of my chart (and the chart of everyone I have referred her to) has been spot on.
Manisha Das
I just wanted to thank you for the incredible astrology reading you gave me a few weeks ago. I was blown away by your accuracy and insights into my personality and life path.
Your interpretation of my birth chart and the positioning of the planets was spot on, and I gained a new perspective on my strengths and weaknesses. Your advice on how to navigate upcoming challenges based on my astrological transits was also incredibly helpful.
Since our session, I've been using the personalized affirmations and recommendations you gave me, and I've noticed a significant improvement in my overall well-being and decision-making. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and expertise in astrology. I look forward to scheduling another reading with you in the future.
Daniela Mercuri
I’ve had traditional Vedic readings three times in the past (from three different astrologers), so I can definitively say that a reading with Sophie is a unique and powerful experience in itself. My initial reading was a full two hours since she went through my entire chart house-by-house and then looked at it on a macro level too. Sophie’s explanations are so thorough and rational - she takes the time to explain the what and why behind what is being said. I walked away from the session with more clarity and empowerment than ever before.
Aparna Shewakramani
Calling Sophie “just” an astrologist is not enough! She is the most incredible “explainer of your true nature” I have met in my entire life! She went above and beyond what I expected to be an astrological reading. Things I was struggling to understand my entire life became more clear and less intimidating in one session! She clearly cares about her clients very deeply, and connects with you right away when she explains the chart. You feel like you’re talking to a close friend who cares about your well-being and happiness. In addition, she is an effective and skilled communicator – you understand everything she says even if you’re not an expert or know nothing about astrology beforehand. Getting a reading from Sophie can be a life-altering event – no exaggeration here! So worth it!
Sophie makes it really easy to understand Vedic astrology and explains what she is reading and why in-depth in every step of the session. I was able to follow all the information and then ask my own follow up questions. I loved how she took the time to ask me about my own intentions at the start of the reading and then kept that intention in mind throughout our time together. It was so special to be able to communicate so seamlessly and openly with Sophie. Unlike any traditional vedic astrology reading, Sophie gives me takeaways that feel actionable, personalized, and rational. I love that she uses many modes of readings during our session to cross-check and fully understand what it is she is interpreting.
Pragathi Guruprasad
Sophie is a magnificent reader, astrologer, and guide! She is not your grandma's astrologer! She's incredibly holistic - she looks at your chart, the stars, numerology, your human design, to help guide you on your path towards healing. When I first met with Sophie, I felt so seen; it's like she can see into your soul and articulate who you are. She emphasizes the important of free will, which is very important to me when thinking about practices like astrology. She guides you in a way where you can take action to bring your soul back into authentic alignment.
She's become a tool in my life, a compass for me to ask questions and point me in the right direction. Sessions with her always expand my perspective, never restrictive, and always restorative.
I feel grateful to have her in my life and I'm grateful that she chose to share her special skills with the world! Thank you Sophie!
Apoorva Charan

Vedic Astrology Simplified

Reha App

I created Reha during my own existential crisis, believing that Vedic astrology can guide life's journey. By analyzing astrological patterns based on birth information, Reha helps users understand themselves and their lives. My mission is to help individuals question, understand, and accept themselves for a more meaningful life.

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